After many years of running Laserow Antiques, Karin Laserow began a completely new career. At the age of 64, she made her TV debut as the antiques expert on “Trash or Treasure”--  and thanks to her charismatic way and extensive knowledge she overnight became a star loved by the Swedish people. 

Karin Laserow is the antiques expert in Bytt är Bytt (Trash or Treasure), Swedish weekly prime time TV show. In this clip she almost knocks over a cello worth $75.000.

Lecture Packages


During antique shows and other public events, Karin can act as appraiser for objects visitors bring. Karin believes it is still possible to make a valuable find when purchasing items for a pittance.  Perhaps the old vase inherited from your grandmother is actually worth a pretty penny. Sometimes it's luck and sometimes it's skills!

Lecture 1-2 Hours 

In her lecture on interiors, “The Art of Mixing Old and New in Your Home,” Karin teaches you how the past can meet the present in your home in a balanced and beautiful way. 

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